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We Believe in Our Candidate Partners

Ensuring your career interests and work history is shared in the most effective way requires an efficient process from beginning to end.

We continuously refine and perfect our process to ensure that our candidate partners are sharing their story with great employers.  Our process is what sets us apart, and it’s why you’ll love working with us!

Please fill out the following registration form and submit it to us.  If you are searching for employment and you already have a professionally produced career video to market to employers, you can place a link of it in the below feedback box.   For example; it

can be a Youtube video. Moreover, you can select and purchase from the video options below.


Your Name

Phone Number


City, State and Zip Code

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For a small fee you can also upload and send the raw footage to us through wetransfer.com and we will produce your career video for you.  Your career video raw footage must be in HD resolution.  It must be under 2 gigs, no more than 6 minutes in length and must be professionally  produced. 

Use the following WeTransfer link to upload and send your video External link opens in new tab or windowwww.wetransfer.com   In the WeTransfer box, you must use our e-mail address  which is help@internationalcareershow.com  

If you want us to produce your career video, you can visit one of our many studio-office locations nationwide.   You can choose to have us produce a professional 2 minutes to a 6 minute career video in high definition.  The cost to produce your career video is the following:

CAREER VIDEO PRODUCTION  OPTION:                                                                                                                                            $100 OFF SPECIAL

 Amount Of Time
Edit Raw Footage
Shoot & Edited
Written, Shoot & Edited
2- MINUTES Basic Career Video   
$495               $395
3-MINUTES  Starter Career Video $495
4-MINUTES Flagship Career Video $695
5-MINUTES Premier Career Video $895
6-MINUTES Promotional Talent Video$995
Notes: (Upload raw footage of your career video with no edits in it yet and we will edit it for you)

You will receive a call from us, within 1 to 2 business days, to go over your video option selection.   Thank you!

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Please pay 50% down and 50% when complete for video editing with the Easy Pay link to the right.