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We Support Your Digital Recruiting Needs

How do you want to fill your business and career opportunities? There are various options when searching for employees. We offer our experience in many different arenas to help guide you and meet your recruiting goals.   We combine both traditional and modern creative recruiting processes with digital expertise to create an exciting experience and a strong brand presence for each and every one of our clients.

Video-Segment Production Options:              

  • You can chose to have us produce a recruitment video for your business deigned to recruit candidates while building your brand and image.
  • We can target your recruitment search in 200 major and smaller markets in the United States and your recruitment segment can air on the ICS website.
  • You will receive an account manager who will make phone calls and e-mail to potential candidates for your business.
  • Your business will be entered into the ICS system and we will incorporate your business into our advertising network.

 Below you will find steps 1,2,3 for your business to schedule production with ICS. 

  1. Please fill out the following employer  form and submit it to us. 
  2. Schedule a production date while choosing recruitment video or video & segment option that fits your budget.   
  3. Make payment.  Once payment is made we will call you to confirm the date and time with you within 1 business day.

Fill Out Employer Form

STEP #1:   Employer Form

Please tell us about you and the candidate:

Your Name

Company Name


Phone Number

Your Email

Your Title

Tell us about the candidates search:

Job Status of candidate

Title of candidate

How Many People Do You Want



Job Description

Market You Want To Recruit In Or Choose Nationally

STEP #2:   Schedule Your Production Date

Your video will be shot and edited by the ICS production team.  All of your business participants must be available and ready to produce video on date and time scheduled with the ICS production team.   Schedule your production time and date by clicking photo below.

STEP #3:   Recruitment Production Payment

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  We will call you and confirm within 1 business day after you fill out the above employer Easy Order form, choose your recruitment production option that fits your budget and make payment.



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Join us for the next Atomic B2B Blast event in your area.  You have additional selections to choose from.  We will produce a recruitment video or segment  or both for your business.  Here are the following prices for the production of your recruitment video:

Click photo to the left to purchase a ticket.


2 Minute Video Upload To ICS Website: